10-1 Reception poor.
10-2 Reception good.
10-3 Stop transmitting.
10-4 Message received.
10-5 Relay message.
10-6 Busy.
10-6S Busy, stand by at station.
10-7 Out of service at (location).
10-7S Out of service at station.
10-8 In service, available for calls.
10-9 Repeat transmission.
10-10 Off duty, end of watch.
10-11 Identify frequency/talking too fast.
10-12 Remain in service/visitors present.
10-13 Advise weather and road conditions.
10-14 Escort or convoy.
10-15 En route to jail with prisoner.
10-15 Xray Female prisoner in custody.
10-16 Pick up prisoner.
10-16F Pick up felony prisoner.
10-17 Pick up reports at (location).
10-18 Complete assignment quickly.
10-19 Return to station or (location)/am en route to (location).
10-20 Give location/my location is.
10-21 Phone (location).
10-21H Phone your home.
10-22 Cancel or disregard.
10-23 Stand by.
10-24 Trouble at the station/Are you in service?
10-27 Request Driver's License information.
10-28 Request vehicle registration information.
10-29 Check for wants.
10-30 Does not conform to regulations/subject has no wants.
10-31 Subject has record, no wants.
10-32 Subject is wanted.
10-33 Request emergency clearance/emergency traffic on air.
10-34 Clearance for emergency message/assistance required immediately.
10-35 Confidential information or backup needed/Assist officer on car stop at (location).
10-36 Correct time/time check/warrant or FFA.
10-37 Record time and mileage.
10-39 Requested unit is en route/message received
10-40 Backup unit requested.
10-45 Pick up (subject) at (location).
10-46 Pick up prisoners' meals.
10-86 Are there any messages for this unit?
10-87 Meet an officer.
10-97 I have arrived at scene.
10-98 Call completed. Available for another.
10-99 Emergency—all units and stations